The drab fence at the front of Glebe Public School has become a colourful and inspiring work of art as a centerpiece to the $15 million upgrade of Glebe Point Road by the City of Sydney. The Glebe School Fence Project by renowned public artist Nuha Saad is a tribute to the area’s rich and diverse heritage (see artist’s impression below).

Ms Saad said that her ideas were based on the wooden picket fences found throughout the Glebe area. “It will act as a link to both Glebe’s vibrant contemporary culture and its architectural and social history and will combine aspects of Glebe’s Victorian architectural past with a contemporary art aesthetic.”

Excavation for the resurfacing of Glebe Point Road has unearthed the tram tracks under the roadway. Trams ran along Glebe point Road between 1892 and 1958.

The Lord Mayor, Clover Moore MP said that the art work reflects the fact that Glebe was a special and historic part of the city with a unique village atmosphere that the City of Sydney would preserve and enhance.

“The colours of the fence symbolise the great diversity of Glebe’s and Australia’s people. The result, along with the rest of the upgrade work, including further public art projects, will be a more aesthetically-pleasing and vibrant suburb for the whole community to enjoy.”


The City’s public art projects are one of the key points of the Glebe Point Road upgrade which will bring new life to Glebe while preserving and protecting the heritage of the area. In addition, a new civic space will be created at the corner of Glebe Point Road and Parramatta Road. It will include restoration of the historic Jubilee Fountain. Drinking water will be restored to the fountain which was installed in 1909 to mark the 50th anniversary of the Glebe Municipality. The City will also protect and restore the Boundary Stone and Dave Sands Memorial Plaque. Other major improvements in the project include:

  • Wider footpaths
  • More trees
  • New paving
  • New street furniture and lighting
  • Slower traffic
  • Safe environment for cyclists
  • The upgrade of Dr HJ Foley Reserve at the corner of Bridge Road.

Upgrade work commenced in August 2007 and is scheduled to continue to mid 2009.