The working group (Ferry Road Bushcare Group – Jenna Reed Burns and Iain Gibson; Glebe Society – Andrew Wood; City of Sydney – Chris Thomas [Manager Design] and Helen Rogers [Design Manager]) met in Town Hall House on Thursday 21 November to consider the City’s revised plans for the Reserve. The new plans have fully incorporated Jenna’s ideas of taking note of the 1800’s path layout for the Reserve, which was originally the front garden of the adjacent State Heritage listed property, Rothwell Lodge. The City has retained a children’s swing and see-saw in the Reserve as relocating them to the square lawn to the north of the Glebe library is not feasible given there is a large playground behind the library (Hélène Kirsova Park) – it was thought that similar low-key play equipment may have been a component of the original garden. The revised plans will be circulated to members of the Ferry Road Bushcare Group and interested local residents, and Jenna will submit their comments to the City. It is expected that the final plans for the Reserve will available for public comment in the new year.