In 2014-15 the Environment Subcommittee participated in the city-wide ‘Garage Sale Trail’ and took part in consultation and feedback processes on two of the City’s major sustainability policies.

We established a collaborative team with the Glebe Justice Centre to participate in the ‘Garage Sale Trail’, whose aim is ‘to promote reuse, reduce waste to landfill and enable new neighbourly connections’. Our Garage Sale event was able to use the Glebe Justice Centre premises in St Johns Rd and, in addition to the reuse and recycling of a substantial number of household items, raised $350 for Centipede after-school care.

The City of Sydney has developed an interrelated range of policies and Master Plans that collectively aim to achieve the City’s goal of 70% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions by 2030. The Environment Subcommittee feels that it is important for the Glebe Society to support the City’s efforts by participating in the consultation process, providing feedback from the community perspective, and promoting awareness of these initiatives with Glebe Society members. During the past year the subcommittee engaged with the Advanced Waste Treatment and Energy Efficiency Master Plans, with a member attending workshops on the Advanced Waste Treatment Master Plan, and developing submissions on both Master Plans, as well as providing an overview of these complex initiatives through the Bulletin.