In 2011, I reported: Over the New Year (2010/2011) celebrations, I discovered several sizeable branches torn off and left on the ground around one of the bushes. Fortunately, that bush had enough branches to survive, but if this happened to some of the younger saplings that would be the death knell – as can be seen for several leafless stumps. … So please, no dogs in the area and if you see dogs there please warn their owners!

Since that time about 30 mangrove saplings and young trees have continued to grow, supplemented by myself with several transplanted mangrove saplings. Over the last two years (2015-2016) there has been a massive germination of seedlings, some of which are now fine saplings and are spread over the whole area.

Broken fence surrounding mangrove area (Source: Tony Larkum)

Unfortunately, damage to some of the saplings has occurred recently (see photograph), and once again I suspect dogs. I have seen a number of large dogs roaming in the area. So dog owners please keep your dogs out of the area and if you see dogs in the area, please alert their owners to the potential for damage.

Unfortunately since the area was planted in 2004, Council supervision of the area has declined. Previously there were two notices along the surrounding fence, noting that his was a plant protection area. Both notices have decayed and disappeared over the last two years. There was also a metal sign with photographs of the area and details of the initial planting and this too has disappeared. In addition the surrounding fence has been allowed to degenerate, to the extent that dogs can easily gain access to the area.

Council has been alerted to this unsatisfactory situation and we hope that it will be rectified, so that we can all enjoy the dogs on the outside and the mangroves on the inside of the area.