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People in history

Supporting a fellow community group: Pyrmont History Group
Posted on 1st May 2024

Following the seminal work ‘Women of Pyrmont’, first published in 2017, ‘Men of Pyrmont’ was finally produced in 2024. The new book has been glowingly described as ‘surprising, entertaining, a joy!’. It is a collection of 42 most diverse reflections on life in Pyrmont. The Pyrmont History Group is offering the two books for sale.

Max Solling’s 2024 Anzac Day address

Max Solling’s 2024 Anzac Day address
Posted on 26th April 2024

Glebe historian, Max Solling’s 2024 Anzac Day address touching on war memorials, Indigenous Australians in the First Australian Imperial Force (AIF) and the women of Glebe.

It’s official: A Blue Plaque for Dorothy Drain
Posted on 28th November 2023

She charmed Frank Sinatra into giving her a rare interview. Journalist, war correspondent, and editor, Dorothy Drain’s home in Glebe will be remembered with a Blue Plaque.

A successful Blue Plaque nomination for Dorothy Drain
Posted on 30th October 2023

Heritage NSW has accepted our nomination for a Blue Plaque at the former home in Toxteth Road, Glebe, of journalist, war correspondent and Women’s Weekly Editor, Dorothy Drain.

Glebe’s Blue Plaque Nominations, Part 18: Harry Hopman
Posted on 5th October 2023

This month, the Society’s continuing series of nominations for a Blue Plaque recommends the home of Harry Hopman at Minerva Terrace, Wigram Road. Harry Hopman was the successful captain-coach of 22 Australian Davis Cup teams from 1939 to 1967. As architect of Australia’s post-war tennis supremacy, his stint as non-playing captain-coach became known as ‘the Hopman era’, during which he won the Davis Cup 15 times.

Lyndhurst St home of Robert Askin: Glebe’s Blue Plaque Nomination #17
Posted on 29th August 2023

NSW Premier Robert Askin lived in Glebe from 1920 to 1931. He’s probably not our favourite son, but the Glebe Society will nominate his home for a Blue Plaque.

A letter from Lodge Street
Posted on 1st August 2023

His mother didn’t want him to go, but Glebe’s Frank Hurley persuaded Douglas Mawson to employ him as the official photographer on the 1911 Antarctic expedition.

Who lived in your street? John George Bryen and St Helen’s
Posted on 30th July 2023

What did John George Bryen have in common with Toad of Toad Hall? They were both terrible drivers, and as Lyn Collingwood recalls, Bryen lived in a well-known house in Glebe but was not a fictional character.

Who Lived in Your Street? The Herron and Ayre families of ‘alphabet’ house, Divo
Posted on 26th June 2023

The Herron then Ayre families occupied ‘Divo’, one of the ‘alphabet’ houses in the terrace at 433-445 Glebe Point Road. The other alphabet houses are Gaza, Favo, Edna, Cama and Boro.

Glebe’s Blue Plaque nominations: Sir Douglas Mawson
Posted on 30th April 2023

Sir Douglas Mawson, a key figure in Antarctic exploration, lived in Glebe for much of his youth. 28 Toxteth Rd was his home while he was a student at Sydney University. This is the thirteenth site nominated by the Society for a Blue Plaque.

Max Solling’s 2023 ANZAC Day Address
Posted on 30th April 2023

Historian Max Solling spoke to a large gathering of residents at the Glebe War Memorial on 25 April. this year. He described the identity of Glebe during the World Wars and gave an insight into the daily lives of its residents.  He also spoke of the evolution of war literature, in particular the memoirs of prisoners of war, stories he says ‘rarely rate a mention in the military histories of Australia.’

Blue Plaque Nomination – 23 Avenue Rd
Posted on 14th December 2022

The NSW Government has called nominations of places linked to notable personalities and events for recognition as part of the NSW Blue Plaques program. The Glebe Society made a number of nominations. The tenth site nominated by the Society is 23 Avenue Rd, Glebe. the former home of Bernard and Kate Smith and where the Glebe Society started from a meeting held on 27 February 1969.

Society nominates home of Dorothy Drain for a Blue Plaque
Posted on 30th November 2022

In September last year the NSW Government called for communities to nominate places linked to notable personalities and events for recognition as part of the NSW Blue Plaques program. The Glebe Society made a number of nominations. The ninth site nominated is 52 Toxteth Rd, Glebe, the former home of Dorothy Drain, once one of Australia’s best known journalists.

‘Toby Tosspot’, Glebe resident and Australia’s first prime minister
Posted on 9th August 2022

Australia’s first Prime Minister was nicknamed ‘Toby Tosspot’, a reference to his love of long dinners with more than a few glasses of wine. Another prime minister was nicknamed the Silver Bodgie …

Who worked in your street? Missionary James Henry Mills
Posted on 9th August 2022

J.H. Mills was a missionary who worked in the Glebe-Pyrmont district for 35 years. He ran the Glebe branch of the Sydney City Mission from an office in the Mission Hall in Bay St, which opened in 1894. Drinking and gambling were viewed by Mills as major social evils. Read more about his life and his activities as a missionary.

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