As part of the Glebe Society’s 50th Anniversary celebrations, a photographic exhibition is being planned of special events in the organisation’s history, provisionally titled ‘50 Memorable Moments’. The events, illustrated by poster size photographs (or videos or documents), could range from the protestors stopping the building of expressways through Glebe in the early 1970s to the return of the World War 1 memorial to the Tramsheds in 2018.

If you have a photo, video or document (or just a memory!) that recalls a special moment in the Glebe Society’s past, whether it be of people, openings (or even closings), place naming ceremonies, campaigns, commemorations, celebrations or community gatherings, please let us know. We will be looking for a broad collection across heritage, environment and community themes and expect to include not just significant achievements but also lost causes, for example saving our Post Office, and examples of community participation and fun. We will be searching through our archives but would love contributions too from Glebe Society members, either from their own records or pointing us to other sources.

We are also looking for photos of Glebe Society activities that may not be so special.

We are looking for photos that show Glebe Society members participating in everyday Glebe Society activities – perhaps attending an event or meeting, preparing a morning tea – anything Glebe Society-related.

If you are able to scan your photos, please email them to me, Virginia Simpson-Young at Alternatively, someone can pop around and pick them up, copy them and return them to you as soon as possible.