Andrew Wood, Blue Wren Subcommittee Convenor, Bulletin 7/2021, September 2021

Judy Christie, a member of the Blue Wren Subcommittee and leader of the Society’s annual spring bird survey, reports that

Superb fairy-wren (photo: Patrick Kavanagh)

I have just confirmed with an experienced visiting bird watcher (a member of the birdwatching club in Port Macquarie) that in May this year he saw two Superb Fairywrens on a walk around the Bays from Glebe Point, probably somewhere near the site in front of The Anchorage home units. The nearest other sighting most recently was early this month in Ewenton Park on the western side of the Balmain peninsula. Wrens are also present in Callan Park and Sydney Park. So, it is worth keeping your eyes (and ears) open while exercising in our local parks.

The last confirmed sightings of wrens in Glebe were in 2016 around St Johns Rd and Jarocin Ave, and they had probably flown from the campus of the University of Sydney.

Superb Fairywrens like to forage in the understorey, especially in dense shrubs and plenty of insects. Wren-friendly garden plants include tea-trees, prickly grevilleas and even climbing roses and jasmine. These days, however, they are more likely to be found seeking food and shelter in weedy areas with lantana or thick grasses.

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