Happy news. The Heritage Council of NSW is considering whether to recommend the Bidura House Group for listing on the State Heritage Register in acknowledgement of its heritage significance. Written submissions on this listing are invited from any interested person by Wednesday 8 March 2017. Enquiries to Alexandra Boukouvalas on (02) 9585 6004 or alexandra.boukouvalas@environment.nsw.gov.au.

The visual settings and legibility of Bidura are specifically reinforced by heritage conservation policies under the Local Environment Plan which were upheld by the Land & Environment Court in its recent judgement dismissing the appeal on the Concept Application proposed for the redevelopment of the rear of the Bidura site. State Heritage listing will, inter alia, strengthen these controls.

Looking east from Bidura
Perhaps not many will know that the rear of Bidura is no less handsome than its street aspect, with an elevated, deep, shady verandah extending across the back of the house, doubtless designed to catch the cooling sea breeze. It was from this verandah, looking towards Blackwattle Bay and the emerging city, that the colonial artist Conrad Martens painted the watercolour ‘View from Mr Blacket’s, c1861’ (Mitchell Library collection).

Conrad Martens painted the watercolour ‘View from Mr Blacket’s, c1861’ (image: Mitchell Library collection)

(Our thanks to Glebe Society member, Ros Jehne, who drew this to the attention of the Heritage Subcommittee).