The Fish Markets

The Fish Markets have recently lodged a minor variation to their prior DA for improvements to the site – the variation addresses access and traffic flow. Some work on the improvements is underway although much of it is not visible being focussed on repairs and waste management. From Glebe’s perspective the improvements to the outdoor eating area will be the most visible and welcome.

Rozelle Bay Access

Rozelle Bay Roads and Maritime Services has a tender process underway for the improvement of pedestrian and cycle access from The Crescent to the corner of James Craig Rd. This will involve a new footpath and cycleway and improved lighting and landscaping. Work is expected to start this month.

Exhibition Centre on Glebe Island

Construction has commenced. There is meant to be ongoing community consultation. I doubt that Glebe will be included in this unless we push. There will be parking for 1000 vehicles.

Completion of the temporary facility is scheduled for February 2014.

Implementation of the Bays Precinct Task Force Report

As previously reported, the Government has accepted a small number of recommendations from the BPTF report. It indicated its intention to establish an implementation group to oversee this and explore reactions to other parts of the report. Nothing has happened in terms of community involvement in any of this.