The Glebe Justice Centre is a newly established non-government organisation with a rights-based approach to community development. It aims to increase access to justice through advocacy, strengthening pathways to existing legal services while providing additional services as needed and facilitating community leadership programs to enable all citizens to respond more effectively to local issues and concerns. The Glebe Justice Centre will be a place of learning and innovation and will make available its research for government, non-government and other community-based organisations.

Before the Glebe Justice Centre officially opens its doors in 2015, extensive research analysing the opportunities and feasibility of a new legal community centre in Glebe will be completed. This work was commissioned by the Glebe Uniting Church as a result of a review in 2012. The review led to a change in focus of the Uniting Church to directing their resources, both building and staff, to catalyse the establishment of a new community organisation centred upon principles of justice to address local issues in Glebe and work towards building people capacity of local Glebe residents.

The CEO of the new centre, Stuart Davey, is hosting a Community Conversation at the Uniting Church property on St John’s Rd on Thursday 5 June, 9am to 1pm. He would welcome participants; so if you are interested in contributing to it, please contact Stuart. His email address is