By Judy Vergison, Events Coordinator in Bulletin 10 of 2020

Tickets sold out in just over a week for our Christmas gathering held on Friday 11 December in the historic St John’s Church, with 100 people attending. It was a pleasure to welcome so many newer members. Several members commented that although they had lived in Glebe for over 20 years they’d never ventured inside this beautiful historic building and were delighted to have this opportunity.

As many will know, the church was designed by a Glebe local – the architect Edmund Blacket, who designed Sydney University’s Great Hall and St Andrew’s Cathedral, as well as Bidura in Glebe Point Rd (which was his family home for many years). In December this year the church celebrates 150 years since the first service in the current building. We joined together to mark this historic milestone, as well as to celebrate the end of a challenging year.

The Parish, Glebe Society members and the public were invited to view (over six days) an excellent free exhibition located at the rear of the church which tells the story of Blacket and St John’s Church. It was curated by Robert Hannan and Peter Crawshaw, with the support of our Heritage Subcommittee. On the night there was great interest in the exhibition and there has been steady stream of visitors over the last five days.

We appreciate the hospitality of Rev Mark Wormell and the Parish Council in making the church available, as well as Lyn Milton who brought us all together. We were very pleased that Bob Sutton (one of the Church’s talented organists) offered to perform several recital pieces over the course of the evening. Bob’s performances delighted so many of us as well as the openness to share his vast knowledge on the special features of the organ. Bob’s special Bach piece which he prepared for the evening was just outstanding!

Community Giving Tree

Thanks to those who gave gifts for our ‘Community Giving Tree’. Personal care items will be made into gift packs for children, women and men in local supported accommodation. There is still time to donate gifts, for more details please contact Janice Challinor on 0401 505 657.

Big thanks to the organising team …

There’s a number of people to thank for their contribution to such a successful evening – behind the scenes, on the night and at the end …

  • Kate Fellowes and her team from ‘Mindful Baker’ (recently rebranded from Café St John and now selling fresh bread) – who provided excellent COVID-safe food and service
  • The Society’s event team for the night: Jude Paul, Jane Gatwood, Lorel Adams, Fiona Campbell, Alison & Ted McKeown, Lyn Milton, Robert Hanna, Peter Crawshaw and Philip Vergison (plus the many other helpers at the end).

I would like to acknowledge the generosity of managers of The Charleston (a modern American restaurant located on Glebe Point Rd) for providing a dinner voucher as the lucky door prize on the night.

All the best to you and yours for a happy, fulfilling and healthy 2021.