By Judy Vergison, Events Coordinator

To mark the 150th anniversary of the current St John’s Church on the corner of Glebe Point Rd and St Johns Rd an exhibition is to be held in mid-December 2020 over five to six days at the back of the church and it will be curated by Glebe Society members. Rev Mark Wormell of St John’s Church is pleased to host this special exhibition within the Church as part of their celebrations for this important historical milestone.

Edmund Blacket’s St Johns Church, Glebe (photo: Anne Holmes)

The exhibition will explore the work of Edmund Blacket, one time colonial architect to the Government, then contracted to Sydney University and architect to the Anglican Church of Australasia. Blacket designed many of NSW’s renowned sandstone gothic buildings including St Andrews Cathedral, St Mary’s Waverley and St Paul’s Burwood. In Glebe, he designed his rare Romanesque style St John’s Church and the original church that once stood on the opposite side of St Johns Rd. He also designed several four-room well-designed and functional cottages on the Bishopthorpe Estate and his own home, Bidura at 357 Glebe Point Rd.

More details will be provided in upcoming Bulletins and of course arrangements will be subject to COVID-safe requirements.