It was a joy to attend the ‘Share and Save – in Glebe’ event on Saturday, 24 March at Benledi House, supported by the City of Sydney.

The workshop brought together people from the Glebe community to share the new and exciting Sydney Sharing Map (, a collaborative online mapping resource that allows you to explore great ‘sharing initiatives’ in your local area. Sharing initiatives include tool libraries, community gardens and skills sharing.

In the workshop, we played a game to help us understand the power of the sharing economy, were taught how to use the map (very easy!) and added initiatives to the map.

We were also lucky to be visited by celebrity gardener, Jock Keene, from the St Helen’s Community Garden who talked to the group about the process of setting up a community garden.

The online map is a wonderful way to connect with your neighbours, save money and the planet! If you know of any sharing initiatives in Glebe, please ‘Suggest a listing’ on the Sydney Sharing Map (

Scones, jam and cordial provided by Capitol Foods Co, ingredients sourced from backyards (image: Alice Simpson-Young)